About Us

Here at Sing Me Happy Birthday, we have one mission; to make people smile. Through the power of song, we offer you the chance to share the perfect gift.. happiness.  Whether it’s a cheek-to-cheek grin when the birthday cake comes in, or the secret smile of a loved one who is out of reach… but knows you’re thinking of them. 

Our gift is a super important feeling. The feeling that you matter.

The Beginning

Sing Me Happy Birthday was dreamt up one hot May night. The initial release took 12 months to complete and contains collaborations with over 20 incredible artists and musicians.

We have had immense creative fun cooking up a multitude of different genres of Happy Birthday, and making them personal and powerful, whilst maintaining musical excellence and integrity.

What style of music would you like?

We have a version of Happy Birthday with your name on it.

Now we are not just talking gimmicks.. we have meticulously recorded the most authentic and heartfelt versions of Happy Birthday To You, in 16 classic genres, with top artists from across the United Kingdom. Each genre has upwards of 800 names and titles.

We have 14,500 versions and counting…

And Vol. 2 is coming in early 2022…


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